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Abduction Resistance


If you are facing an attempted abduction the best time to act is immediately. Do not wait for a later time to try to hatch an escape. There are three important reason for this.
1. The assailant(s) will be at their least prepared at the very beginning of the abduction. Every successful piece of their plan will reinforce their confidence and give them more control over the situation.
2. The more time that passes, the less value you have to your abductor. As time goes by they will realize that their initial demands will not be met and they will have to settle for less, which directly translates to your worth being lower. At this time of abduction the attacker will be more concerned with abducting you and less willing to harm you because this is when your worth is highest.
3. The reason you are being moved is because the current location is less than ideal for the abductor. This makes it the most advantageous to escape.

How to survive a mass shooting… flee, hide, bite, spit, cover, shoot back, play dead and more

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

[Repost: NaturalNews]

As a concealed carry permit holder trained in handgun combat, I’ve learned more than a few things about surviving an encounter with armed shooters. In this two-part audio series, I share valuable, practical advice on how you can survive active shooting scenarios, with or without your own firearm.

These two special reports, linked below, cover concepts like:

• Fleeing the scene

• Fighting back with firearms

• Fighting back without firearms

• Closing with attackers to neutralize rifles: grappling range

• Unarmed attack methods: eye gouges, biting, spitting, hair pulling, groin shots, using expedient weapons like forks and chairs

• The concepts of “cover” vs. “concealment”

• The physics of gunfire… don’t believe the Hollywood myths

• Why vehicles do not provide cover from gunfire

• Playing dead and using other bodies as concealment and cover

• The importance of being armed (where legal to do so)

• Why gunmen never expect people to fight back

• Why waiting for the police to arrive and save you is a horrible mistake


So it’ the end of the world and people are going crazy, what would the average person look like? What would they be wearing? Would they be loaded down with incredible amounts of military style gear? I would bet that most people would be panicking and look frantic. The idea is to not stand out, right? You don’t want people thinking you have stuff they want. I do not suggest running around pulling your hair out and tearing your clothes, I think it would be a bad idea donning your external plate carrier, gun belt, BDUs and a slinged AR15. There has to be an in between.

I think having the right gear and tools is essential but personally I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by 1,000 panicked people looking like I have everything they all want. The less people know, the better off you will be. There is enough to be said about OPSEC(operational security) to make an entire other post, so I’ll save that for a later date. A military style BOB serves a good purpose and would likely prove functional, but it also screams “I knew this was coming, I have stuff!”Looking panicked is a bad idea, because anyone paying attention would see you as a target, so you want to look serious and dangerous. You want to look like a difficult target, while not looking like you have things other people want. You will want people to leave you alone. You should look confident but not standoffish, and definitely don’t look scared.

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