Abduction Resistance


If you are facing an attempted abduction the best time to act is immediately. Do not wait for a later time to try to hatch an escape. There are three important reason for this.
1. The assailant(s) will be at their least prepared at the very beginning of the abduction. Every successful piece of their plan will reinforce their confidence and give them more control over the situation.
2. The more time that passes, the less value you have to your abductor. As time goes by they will realize that their initial demands will not be met and they will have to settle for less, which directly translates to your worth being lower. At this time of abduction the attacker will be more concerned with abducting you and less willing to harm you because this is when your worth is highest.
3. The reason you are being moved is because the current location is less than ideal for the abductor. This makes it the most advantageous to escape.


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