“Don’t Wait For Help, Help Yourself”


One problem with most people is when something bad happens, they expect someone else to do something. There was a story at a local Jack In The Box where one man was beaten by four assailants until he suffered a severe brain injury. While this assault was taking place the employees watched but did nothing. A lawsuit was filed by the man who was in a coma for over a year following the attack. The man won $20.5 million as the court held that the employees did nothing to prevent the attack and did nothing once the attack started.

While an active shooter scenario is different, I believe we have an obligation to step up. That whole “don’t be a hero” business is bologna in my opinion. If you have the ability, you should do something. After all by the time the police get there, you could be dead. Don’t wait for help, help yourself.

Even if you are unarmed, there are plenty of instances where an unarmed person bested an armed assailant, especially if there are a lot of you. There is a difference between someone who wants something from you and someone who wants to kill you. If a bad guy demands your wallet or purse, give it to them. If a bad guy is walking around shooting people, kill him. Active shooter’s often carry a back up weapon, so disarming him will not be enough, you must stop them.

In a recent interview a policeman was asked about active shooters and he said “We have learned that we can’t wait it out, we have to get in there and get him.” The faster the bad guy is stopped, the more people will live. Period.

In Garland, TX in May of 2015 a security officer was able to kill two mean who were both wearing body armor and carrying assault rifles. He was a traffic cop by day but was working secondary as a security officer at the time of the incident. The two men were there to kill as many people as possible at a Mohammad caricature exhibit. Apparently if you draw Mohammad, you deserve to die. Anyway, this security officer acted quickly and saved countless lives, while sustaining the only casualty which was a gunshot wound to the thigh. Don’t wait for help, help yourself.


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